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We are, Monferrato Hazelnut Cake: the super tasty Monferrato Hatzelnut

Aggiornamento: 10 set 2020

Family, tradition and passion. We are Maurizio and Gian Mario, two brothers who had the honor of carrying on the tradition of the family restaurant in Cerrina Monferrato. compliments.

Your cake is delicious! Can we have a few slices to take home?

What cake are we talking about? Hazelnuts !!!!!! Monferrato Hazelnut Cake is a product obtained exclusively with Piedmont IGP hazelnut.

It has made many people fall in love with it and now, thanks to e-commerce and collaborations like the one with Mangia Monfrà, it is broadening its horizons and the ranks of lovers of our cake.

Catering continues to be our main source of satisfaction and income, while kneading hazelnut cakes is still a pastime.

Attention to the environment

Our cake is good and ECO-SUSTAINABLE: the baking trays are totally biodegradable so that you can safely dispose of them with organic waste, the box and the packaging material are in fully recyclable paper and cardboard, while the bag that contains the protective atmosphere , as well as adhesive tape, can be thrown into the plastic container. Not enough for you? We cook in an electric oven powered by a 19Kw photovoltaic system, but our roof is not only covered with panels for the production of electricity, there are also those that heat the water needed to keep the laboratory and instruments clean. with an accumulator of over 1000 liters.

Where will this project take us?

We still do not know, but the greatest desire is to work alongside satisfied people: boys and girls who feel concretely at the center of the company and who give their best every day, not because they are controlled on sight, but because they are involved and included in a positive way.

Why do we like Mangia Monfrà?

We are all dreamers and we love Monferrato.

Let's review in their boxes, the love and passion we put into cooking our dishes and our cake.

As we make sure that all our raw materials are created with care, dedication and respect for nature, they make sure to find only the best among the products of our hills to take them to your home in the boxes.

Do you want to taste it?

On 27.09.2020 we are waiting for you at 5 pm for a snack based on our much sought after cake, toasting with excellent Moscato, in Odalengo Grande (AL) where the Rosso Brothers have financed the construction of the Big Bench "la Tartufina".

It will be an unforgettable moment with music and entertainment that you can immortalize thanks to our photographer, ready to take beautiful souvenir images.

We are waiting for you together with Mangia Monfrà! And if you can't make it, don't worry!

Here you can buy it and try it with your loved ones.

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