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The ancient apples of Monferrato

Inside Monferrato's land there are 74 qualities of native and exclusive apples of the area, did you know?

The flavors of the past

These are ancient apple varieties, not very common but with unique and unparalleled flavors. Often these ancient varieties do not even exist documented texts that narrate their appearance, but only the testimonies of elderly people who know how to identify the presence in the territory of centuries-old mother plants.

The Canditin-a

One of the varieties of the area is Canditin-a, an apple from the Odalengo Piccolo area, recognizable by its large and rounded shape, with a faded red color. In the past, it was used a lot in June as a thirst quencher during the harvest.

It is hypothesized that the name of this variety is derived from the name of a woman named Candida (affectionate dialect diminutive “Canditin-a”) who had a wild apple tree in a vineyard she owned. Although not grafted, this plant began to produce large, abundant and original fruits. Immediately several acquaintances asked "Canditin-a" for a sprig for grafting.

An apple with an unforgettable flavor

Dark, buttery, crunchy, grainy, succulent, liquescent, sugary or sour pulps. Apples flavored with fennel or delicately scented with musk, flavors reminiscent of banana or vanilla, with a rose scent, vinous flavors, with a spicy aftertaste or raspberry or lemon or wild strawberry, with a vague hint of melon, cinnamon or carob, juices flavored with muscat, all very fragrant.

The ancient apples

Today the ancient Piedmontese apples have been chosen to be part of the basket of typical products of the province of Turin for their organoleptic characteristics of great value and because they lend themselves to particular uses in the kitchen.

The "Ancient Piedmontese apples" were adopted by Slow Food as one of the Presidia of the province of Turin.

If you want to discover all the varieties belonging to the Ancient Piedmontese apples, visit the Torino Metropoli website! http://www.torinometropoli.it/cms/agri-mont/prodotti-del-paniere/prodotti-tipici/frutti/antiche-mele-piemontesi/varieta-antiche-mele

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