Piedmontese Mixed fried: sweet or salty?

Piedmontese mixed fried also called Fricia is a classic recipe that delights the taste buds of many, but it is not for everyone!

The origins

Nothing is thrown away from the slaughtered animals.

This is the motto behind the birth of this succulent Monferrato dish born when families had animals and slaughtered them at home. Once the "good" pieces were cut, the peasants took the scraps of the slaughterhouse such as liver, lung, sweetbreads and brains, breaded them in breadcrumbs and then fried them. Usually it was all served with black puddings. Over time, the sweet part was added to the salty part, represented by apples, amaretti and sweet semolina.


Over the decades, Fricia has been transformed with slightly more refined products but, according to the research of the Accademia della Fricia (of which unfortunately no news has been found since 2015), it is made up of 14 parts, 9 of which are salty, 5 desserts, and 2 accompaniments: pork steak, veal thigh steak, pork sausage, loaves, sweetbreads, brains, bovine liver, bovine lung, grains, semolina (friciulin), chocolate semolina, chocolate bignola, battered apple , amaretto (in batter), fried carrots, bagnet verd (green bath). Each part is fried after passing in egg and breadcrumbs, except for the apple and amaretto and carrots.

Be brave. Don't be frightened by the idea of ​​tasting these unusual ingredients and you too will fall in love with our typical Monferrato dish.

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