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Monferrato: you'll fall in love!

We're so exciting to start writing on our new and beautiful blog, we confess we couldn't wait!

Why do we love Monferrato so much?

Because every day it gives something to discover. Because it offers spectacular views and colors that are never the same. Because it hides food and wine treasures that we can't wait to bring to your home.

Where is it?

In the south of Piedmont, between Asti and Alessandria, the Monferrato is a land that hides among its hills, villages, perched castles, Romanesque churches built in the Middle Ages and scents of wine, mushrooms and precious truffles.

The treasures of Monferrato

These hills, a Unesco heritage, give us exciting scenarios and exceptional wines such as Barbera, Freisa, Moscato, Dolcetto, Grignolino, Ruchè and Brachetto d’Acqui.

In Casale Monferrato's area we find a treasure hidden underground: the infernot. Also called crutin in many countries. They are small spaces created by winemakers in the winter months by hand-digging the stone under their homes. Inside there are stone shelves and niches to store the most precious bottles and tables, also in stone, to spend a few hours in the company of friends. Unfortunately most of them are private and are open to the public only for cultural and food and wine events.

In Canelli, in the subsoil we find kilometers of tunnels and brick rooms with vaulted ceilings dug into the tuff by 19th century winemakers to vinify and age Muscat grapes.

In Bergamasco, with the arrival of autumn, the season of white truffles begins and there is also the possibility of looking for truffles with the help of a dog and trifulau.

I could go ahead and write a whole book ... but why spoil the surprise? Keep following us and subscribe to the newsletter.

Our journey starts here ....

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