I'm Gianni Doglia: winegrower in Castagnole Lanze

… From the vineyard to the cellar nothing should be left to chance, because wine is a constant evolution … and even small inaccuracies may ruin a whole year of work. (Bruno Doglia)

That's me

I'm Gianni, she is Paola.

We are workers, colleagues, we are siblings, we are children and parents.

We are a family. First of all.

And together we found the Gianni Doglia winery.

Today we have to thank our grandfather Eugenio, who in the middle of the last century believed in a land called Monferrato, and he saw the potential where poverty and misery reigned, were the years of the Second World War and the Monferrato was exhausted, but resistant.

Thanks also go to our mother Marisa, a true example of a businesswoman, who together with our father Bruno managed to keep the company, to make it grow, to make it fruitful up to the present day.

I joined the company in 1999, with practical experience in other wineries behind me, which strengthened me, made ready for what would await me.

It is in this year that the company takes my name and it was in this year that what had been my dream in the drawer for many years, it finally becomes reality.

I am now a wine producer, and I am thanks to the sacrifices of my grandfather, those of my mother, and those of my father. And probably also thanks to mine.

I have always believed in the Moscato product, even when Moscato was considered wine to say the least.

Today I produce more than 60,000 bottles only from this grape variety, and I receive awards for it every year make me understand that I followed the right dream.

Making wine means living the wine, talking the wine, eating the wine, drinking the wine, feeling the wine.

It is something visceral, it is a daily discovery, it is an exciting success, called Creation.

Our production philosophy

We respect the biodiversity of the soil in order to maintain unaltered and activate the microbial flora of the soil for the mineralization of the organic substance.

Fertilization without chemical fertilizers, mowing and tillage instead of weeding, spontaneous grassing against soil erosion are some examples of the work we have been doing in the vineyards for years.

We respect the natural cycle of the vine plant: low yields per hectare, manual processing, no irrigation, limitation of damage from the action of parasites using mainly copper sulphate and sulfur.

We care for and protect small natural woods among the vineyards for repopulation and maintenance of the ideal habitat for local fauna, without forgetting some bird nests in the vineyards.

80% of our vineyards can be reached on foot from our cellar, limited use of tractors or other vehicles with significant savings in polluting emissions and we have married a completely natural winemaking process with a low and reasoned use of sulfur dioxide quantities.

Why so many attention?

Each company choice is adopted with the aim of respecting the health and safety of the agricultural operator and the consumer and has allowed us to adhere to the specification , whose logo is distinguished by the blue butterfly, is aimed at integrated production, attentive to environmental sustainability and landscape care.


Why do we work with Mangia Monfrà?

Like them, we believe that Monferrato deserves to be known and loved like its famous cousins Langhe and Roero. We are happy to be part of their boxes and know that our products are part of the excellence of the Monferrato area.

To not miss the chance to try one of our beloved screws, book your box now! https://en.mangiamonfra.it/scegli-l-abbonamento

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