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Hi! I'm Roberto. Let me tell you how Mangia Monfrà was born.

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Our adventure was born one evening at the end of winter, in an unexpected and unpredictable way, as happens to the most beautiful stories.

It was 2015, me, my wife and our son were having dinner, talking about this and that as usual. Suddenly my wife jumps out with one of her side thoughts. In fact, we had been looking for a new home for some time, a new place to spend our free time, where we could let Gabriele play, perhaps in a beautiful garden, chasing a dog.

Our small and cozy lakeside house was becoming “too” small for us.

The search had begun a few months earlier, wandering among agencies that offered the most disparate offers of villas and independent houses with gardens, all too far from our idea of ​​comfort and hospitality. But always research around our beloved Lake Orta.

The lateral thought of my wife upset everything: "Why don't we look for a house in the country?".

Initially, the idea did not thrill me but I wanted to give it a try: we had practically seen all the houses in the area without finding any of our interest, maybe this new research was the turning point we were looking for.

Countryside, yes, but where?

Lodigiano, Pavese? No too far.

Langhe? No, too expensive.

It had to be a place not too far away, a little "rough, rustic", little known and with a nice gastronomic and tourist offer.

Chance led us to discover one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, the Monferrato.

The search was not short, even here we became the best friends of almost all the owners of real estate agencies. When we had almost lost hope, we found the house we had always dreamed of: a farmhouse that exuded all the rustic we were looking for, with a beautiful garden and a breathtaking view.

Our beautiful adventure in Monferrato began there.

We fell in love with it at first glance: rolling hills rich in a thousand colors, unique gastronomic products, often worked by skilled artisans and offered to the public as precious secrets handed down for generations, the beauty of little things, little-known places of inestimable value (them have you ever seen the Infernot?).

We want to let you know all this too, month by month, asking you to be accompanied on this journey among the most authentic flavors of Monferrato.

Only small producers, only small productions.

Because Monferrato is also this: going out of the box and discovering tastes and flavors never tried. It is a small rough diamond of inestimable value.

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