Hi! I'm Paola and this is BUBOT

My label hides my love for Monferrato.

Born in Turin, around the age of 25 I decided to change my life by leaving the big city to move to Moransengo. I wanted to relive those sensations that I remembered with pleasure of the summers at my grandparents' house. The clean air, the light-heartedness of the days spent playing with them without thinking about cars or the dangers of the city to which I was now used to.

Cultivating and seeing the fruits of my work grow has become my passion. Each season has its flavors and characteristics, enclosed in vegetables or fruits that I collect and I am committed to working to make them arrive on your tables all year round.

Why the name BUBOT?

Bubo bubo, is the scientific name of the eagle owl. I had two and they have been my mascot for many years! I dedicate my adventure to them.

Why dry the products?

Drying is one of the processes that most respects the characteristics of the products grown:

- by avoiding cooking, vitamins and organoleptic characteristics are kept intact

- it is dietary because it does not include the addition of oils or other highly caloric substances

- it is more versatile in the kitchen as it is sufficient to soak them in a little warm water to be able to cook them as you prefer

- it is an almost eternal product, in fact, although legislation requires the use of an expiration date to protect everyone's health, dried products have also been found in Egyptian tombs !!!

- it is safe as dehydration prevents bacteria from finding an environment in which to proliferate

- more product: a 150g jar of dried product actually contains 1kg of fresh product.

How to best enjoy the dried Bubot

Lukewarm water, a little patience to revive the dried product and then you can use my products as you prefer. I love to fry a part of it and keep some as a garnish! Success is guaranteed.

Mangia monfrà is my business partner!

We met and we immediately understood each other. We have the same desire to make Monferrato known and with my jars I can support them in their mission to bring the boxes as far as possible and guaranteeing unique flavors even after a long journey, to your home!

I am lucky to be present in many of their boxes, but I really recommend you not to miss the next ones and take advantage of one of their subscriptions !!!

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