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Fabula, the craft beer of the Kamun brewery

3rd classified among “Live beers under the tower” Vigevano 2014 and SlowFood.

High fermentation beer, unpasteurized, unfiltered and refermented in the bottle.

Aromatic characteristics

Without added carbon dioxide, stabilizers and preservatives. It is inspired by the “American Pale Ale” style, but completely revisited. It comes from the fable of some rare types of American aromatic hops that are combined with some selected herbs (birch flowers, St. John's wort, blackthorn flowers…).

The result is a well hopped beer, but counterbalanced by an adequate malt with a taste and aroma that truly tends towards mango, papaya and exotic fruit.

Alcoholic content: 14% Vol

Perfect with ...

Recommended as an aperitif or paired with grilled vegetables, fresh and soft cheeses, cured meats and cheeses, crustaceans and seafood, pasta or rice first courses with vegetables with aromatic or spicy characteristics, broken red meat, curry, paprika , ethnic, Mexican, Indian and Thai cuisine.

Why did we choose it?

All Kamun beers are produced in Predosa (AL) thanks to solar energy and through the use of Key Kegs, all in full respect of the environment. Gian Paolo Camurri, Ludovico Cattanei and Nicola Orsoni won us over with their enthusiasm and love for beer. Even the company name and logo have been studied with attention and care and we find these values ​​in their products. We could not help you discover them!

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