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The Cultural Club "I Marchesi del Monferrato" was born in Alessandria on 28 August 2004 from a happy intuition of the late Roberto Maestri, to foster contacts and the aggregation of people interested in the historical vicissitudes of the Marquisate, later Duchy, of Monferrato, a reality fundamental politics in the chessboard not only Euro-Mediterranean, with a leading role in history, for over seven centuries.

Lo stemma dei Marchesi del Monferrato
The coat-of-arms of Marchesi del Monferrato

The Club represents the now essential point of connection between Associations, Institutions or individual researchers who deal with a various title of the topic, their space in which to make materials, research and insights available, in order to join forces to carry out popular initiatives addressed in a territorial area not limited to the historical borders of Monferrato.

The fundamental purpose of the Club is far so that these pages of Monferrato history are not only reserved for scholars and professionals, but that the number of people passionate about the subject, interested in exchanging their respective knowledge and experiences, is increasing. The aggregation of people from different fields, not only cultural, is fundamental for the success of the association's activities: a meeting place without barriers, neither ideological nor religious, and of disinterested collaboration of the highest scientific level, in spite of the traditional localisms.

With this in mind, over the years, over 500 cultural initiatives have been organized such as conventions, study days, conferences at national level, independently or in partnership with cultural, tourist and food and wine institutions present in the area, under the aegis of all Regions, Provinces and Municipal Administrations territorially affected.

Particular care and attention is paid to dissemination activities, through conversations, school and exhibition initiatives and through the creation of tourist itineraries, always supported by the utmost scientific rigor. In fact, there are literary and artistic competitions reserved for students of classical and artistic high schools as well as a degree award for works related to Monferrato, activities that aim and involve young people, make them passionate about history and appoint them ambassadors of our territory.

La Presidente, Emiliana Conti
The President, Emiliana Conti

After the death of the founder, which took place in October 2018, and after an understandable rearrangement, the Marquises of Monferrato renewed the Board of Directors, electing Emiliana Conti, passionate about history and expert disseminator, to the presidency, flanked by the Vice President Angelo Soave, by the Director Mario Villata and the journalist Cinzia Montagna, and have resumed the activities of the Association with new vigor, broadening its horizons and increasingly lowering the Cultural Club into a more modern and dynamic dimension, without forgetting the History of Monferrato, expanding its activities with the necessary attention to local reality and recent history, in the belief that there is no future without the memory of past times.

The website, the facebook pages, the YouTube channel and the renewed periodical "Aleramici and surroundings" are interesting windows from which to look out to deepen one's knowledge of a territory, the Monferrato, which is a historical mine and cultural but also and above all the cradle of important personalities of every era, of companies and entrepreneurs, associations and individual enthusiasts, small and large realities that have so much to tell and so much to offer. Our now consolidated participation in Golosaria represents plastically how history and social, tourist and agri-food realities are closely connected.

How can these souls seemingly so different from each other live together? Through the password DISCLOSURE.

The Cultural Club does not claim to teach, an activity dutifully reserved for those who have dedicated their lives to study and teaching: our mission is to tell, to intrigue, to instigate our fellow citizens to deepen, to reach a great knowledge of their own land. that the Marquises of Monferrato will always be a competent support, address and guide.

All those who want to closely follow the activities of the Cultural Club, share its adventures, collaborate in the study or simply find texts and works taken from our large library, can contact

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