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bike&wine: discover Monferrato's land on a Mountain Bike

Visit Monferrato with expert guides and masters of the National Mountain Bike Academy

At the end of the tour, every effort will be rewarded!

Get ready to discover Monferrato together with LifeBike: their Mountain Bike tour is becoming more and more sought after because it allows you to experience these hills up close, in total relaxation and company and in the safety of being in expert hands.

You will see numerous castles, each with its own history and charm made even more evident by the uniqueness of the surrounding landscape. Here time seems to have stopped as in a centuries-long fairytale, walking within the walls of these fortresses is like walking through history, when there were still kings and queens, princes and princesses, counts and countesses.

But there is more

The castles of Monferrato are real architectural pearls that stand out on top of the gentle hills of Monferrato and show themselves in all their beauty. Impossible not to be enchanted! Montentemagno, Grazzano Badoglio, Casorzo, Viarigi ... villages set among these fantastic hills covered by vineyards.

The right reward

At the end of the tour they will take you to the Oreste Buzio Winery, producers of organic wines in respect of nature and tradition since 1860 in Vignale Monferrato, where we will do a high quality wine tasting, a guided tour in the cellar and a particular visit to the Infernot!

Don't have a Mountain Bike?

No problem, Lifebike offers you the possibility to rent a classic Mountain Bike or, in case you want to be more comfortable or you are not used to bike tours, the electric version.

Book your place now at the following link: https://www.lifebike.it/pagina-prodotto/bike-and-wine ! September 6th is around the corner.

Discover Lifebike also on social networks: https://www.facebook.com/LifeBike.it

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