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Barbera: Monferrato pride, UNESCO heritage

«Generous Barbera. Drinking it we feel of being alone at sea challenging a storm. "

So Giosuè Carducci, first Italian Nobel Prize for literature in 1906, wrote about our beloved wine.

The origins

In 1304 Pier de 'Crescenzi, after a post as judge in the city of Asti, retired to private life and wrote the Liber Ruralium Commodorum in Latin, the most famous treatise on agronomy, viticulture and enology produced in the Italian Middle Ages. It is precisely here that we speak of a grape called "la Grissa" characterized by elongated grains, not very intense black, with a thin skin, very rich in must, from which an "excellent, drinkable and structured wine is obtained. "which was in all likelihood the Barbera, which assumed its definitive name only towards the 17th century.

The name

According to the historian Aldo di Ricaldone, the “Barbera” takes its name from the “vinum Berberis”, fermented juice of Berbers, with an intense red color and acid and tannin flavor. Another hypothesis derives the name from the medieval word Bàrberus, used with the meaning of impetuous, aggressive, indomitable, like the temperament of the Bàrberi.

The land

"The Asti area, being scattered everywhere with pleasant hills, the vines on them excellently align, and the wines that are made from them are without any doubt the best of any other country whatever it is; the Barbere then wonderfully meet in the contours of Asti, Scurzolengo, Portacomaro, Migliandolo, Castiglione and Quarto, no less than on the southern hills from San Marzanotto to Rocca d'Arazzo, and on those of Vigliano, Mongardino, Montegrosso, Montaldo, Mombercelli, Belvedere and Vinchio ”.

How to combine Barbera

Full-bodied wine characterized by a marked acidity, it combines perfectly with dishes rich in flavor such as risotto, baked pasta, lasagna, truffle-based dishes, main courses of meat and particularly tasty cheeses such as gorgonzola, toma and raschera. To maximize the bouquet and aroma of Barbera, we recommend a temperature of around 18-20 ° C.

With the arrival of autumn and winter, don't miss any of our boxes! Barbera will be the protagonist!

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